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Home Services

Sal up in a tree!Sal Scenna uses professional tree-climbing equipment to reach the very tops of trees.

Tree Service

My tree services range from trimming back branches (which often means I have to go up there using special tree-climbing equipment) to entire tree removal.  Both branch trimming and tree removal require professional care so you don’t kill your tree or damage your property. Why not let me help you care for your trees!

Debris Removal

In these difficult times, many homeowners are busy and want to spend what little extra time they have with their families.  Others may have moved and rented out their homes only to find renters have not cared for their property.  It can be overwhelming.  You may be thinking “Where do I start?”  Well you can start by calling me.  I am here for you to help get your home back into tip-top shape, by cleaning up the property and removing outside debris such as yard waste and personal items and large appliances left behind.  I can trim and shape overgrown bushes and clean out leaves and pine needles.  I can also cut the grass, and power wash the outside, clean the roof and even clean and paint inside empty, abandoned homes.

Emergency Services

We live in a hurricane-prone area, and it is so sad to see homes and cars damaged by fallen trees.  In order to begin to put your life back together, the whole process must begin by removing the trees.  I can help by carefully cutting and hauling away trees so that you can start to repair the damages.

Power Washing Services

When gunk and debris cause ugly discoloration on driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks, power washing is a great way to restore the beauty of your property.  I can power wash these as well as hard to reach surfaces on two- and three-story homes and roofs.  You may want to think twice before renting a machine and doing it yourself because damage can occur if you use too much pressure. If you use too little pressure, you could be wasting your time and money trying to clean stubborn stains that won't go away.  If you give me a call, I can get it done right for you the first time...you'll be glad you did!